A Relentless Pursuit To Design Perfection Through Architectural Concepts & Planning, Interior Design, Landscaping, Way-showing & Signage, and Branding

How your brand speaks to your clientele is fundamental to its success. We turn complex problems into easy solutions, where we take existing spaces and turn them into eye catching ones. With an elite team of world-class architects, engineers, interior designers, branding specialists and strategists, we’re able to deliver all-encompassing solutions in one place. Combining passion and obsession into every project we touch, we create outstanding commercial environments from the inside-out and beyond.
Our expertise and experience span far and wide in scope. From conceptual design to tangible architecture, interior design, landscaping, furniture, and graphics, we deliver exceptional results with a personalized approach. Our reputation of innovation and originally in each of our designs has continued to grow, becoming a staple service for many large-scale luxury hotel & resort chains in China. We are committed to producing thoughtful concepts that truly re-define brands, and we cannot wait to provide the same for you.

Our Key Disciplines






Our Work

We revolutionize our client’s brand presence through ingenious creatives and brilliant designs. Working one-on-one with our clients from architecture and interiors to branding and digital identity, M.A.D.E delivers a complete solution all in one place. The result is a brilliant and lasting impression from conception to finalized form, and one that clients can be proud of for years to come.
Our process generally begins with our clients coming to us with an idea in mind of how they want their space or brand to appeal to their audience. For many organizations with brands established locally, they want to expand into international territory. This requires a unique approach that consists of a different set of rules compared to what worked for the brand locally. This is where our experts come in and help you change your existing brand identity and appeal, while still maintain the core framework of what makes your brand a success. This approach gives our clients the flexibility to carry on with their own professionally developed brand or rebrand into a more international one – with ease!


About Us

We define our success by our high standards and relentless pursuit to perfection with every project. With a team of professionals that are at the top of their respective domain, there is a seamless collaboration that creates a on a level that is unmatched within the industry. These domains of expertise include architects, engineers, interior designers, branding specialists and strategists.
“We use design to improve business performance. Brands, like people, are defined by what they actually do, not what they ‘say’ they will do. A M.A.D.E brand experience is always bold, purposeful and honest, and driven by great ideas that people can really feel and believe in.”
Simon Yang - Managing Director - M.A.D.E

Our Clients

We work directly with ambitious companies of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage startups to blue-chip conglomerates. Our human-centered design approach helps businesses to establish a strong reputation by focusing on high quality end-user experiences.
There’s a reason our clients happily return to us as the first choice for their branding and marketing. Why? Because we are one of the only full-service design management and consultancy that they can trust, delivering an exceptional level of professional service at affordable prices.