Phase 1: Preliminary Concept

A presentation of mood and inspiration imagery which provides an overview of the design direction helping to meet the clients requirements. This helps to establish a basis for the over-all style and design intent, as well as suggested materials and approach to the design. This phase also helps to initiate the discussion to evaluate the project, its functions and various criteria.

Phase 2: Schematic Design

Preliminary layout plans are developed together with elevations and sections showing the general design concepts based on the design brief and criteria. Mood boards, materials and colour schemes, as well as rendering and sketches are provided to help illustrate the idea and give a clearer understanding of the design intent.

Phase 3: Design Development

At this phase additional information and detailed drawings as well as pre-selected materials, and other elements relevant are then submitted for the clients approval. This information is also intended to aid the relevant consultants involved in the project, and helps each consultant and the various design entities with design intent, and the information concerning the various requirements of the design, for implementation in their respective fields.

Phase 4: Tender Documentation

In this phase, we begin to prepare and finalise all the approved design documents and drawings, as well as construction and production details and specification for the various fields of design. These documents serve as the basis for the tender documentation and Bill of Quantities that will then be prepared by the clients appointed quantity surveyor and relevant staff.

Phase 5: Design Co-ordination, Site Supervision & Installation

Throughout various points in the design phases there will be design and technical co-ordination meetings, these will also often include site visits when necessary, and are required as the project is underway and throughout the development. This helps to ensure that progress is on track and that work is being carried out and installed in accordance with the relevant drawings, specifications and design intent, as well as helping to resolve any on-site issue that may accuse when there is a discrepancy between the drawings and actual on-site situation.

Phase 6: Final Approval & Sign-Off

At this stage implementation is well underway and minor issues are marked out for review and repair and all documentation is handed over on final approval.