Jiahe Jiatia Sales Center


JIAHE JIATAI commissioned MADE to work on various aspects of its newly developed property, from the interior to the Art direction, Signage, way-showing and complete brand guidelines.

The Brand itself wishes to convey a sense of luxury that is both elegant yet humble, and approachable and friendly making both guests and customers, feel a sense of place and acceptance amongst an elevated class.

It was vitality important that there was consistency throughout every touchpoint, in the architecture itself following through to the landscaping and way showing, until its reached the customers hands in the form or promotional items and including but not limited the type of service that is promised by the brands guidelines.

ClientJiahe Jiatai Development GroupScopeInterior Design, Landscape Design, Art & Lighting Consultancy, Design Standards, Brand Design Development, Signage & Wayshowing, Amenities & Packaging Design, Marketing CollateralLocationKunming, ChinaYear2020 (Under construction)

Privacy Preference Center