Tongren Grand Guesthouse


Grand Guesthouse Hotel Tongren was developed as part of a new brand family of State Guesthouse hotels. Everything from the brands logo to its market positioning was designed. The Hotel and Brand design take inspiration from famous local sites, in the care of the Tongren Grand Guesthouse its complete design was inspired by the FengHuang Mountain and various surrounding natural elements that are specific to Tongren. The entire project was solely designed by MADE, this included the facade design, landscaping, interior, lighting, branding, way showing signage and amenities and all graphic elements.

Tongren Grand Guesthouse is positioned as an Upper Upscale hotel, for travellers looking to lavish in luxury while staying in Tongren as this is voted the best hotel in Tongren. The average room size is a modest 38-45 sqm., and is a full service hotel, with a full set of facilities including a swimming pool, gym, multifunction rooms and ballroom, All day dining, Chinese restaurant, bar and various other facilities and exceptional views from every corner of the hotel.

ClientJiahe Development GroupScopeInterior Design, Facade Design, Landscape Design, Lighting & Art Consultancy, Brand Design Development, Signage & Wayshowing, Amenities & Packaging Design, Web & Marketing CollateralLocationGuizhou, ChinaYear2014

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