UpperInn Hotel Design, Brand design standards and facilities design and brand and hotel specifications were design to ensure this new hotel brand was present with the times and able to attract a younger group of travelers. The Hotel was designed from top to bottom from, the creation of its signage guidelines for future franchisees, and its amenities, to the various room design and public spaces.

UpperInn is positioned as an mid-scale hotel, for young travelers looking for an eclectic space I home away from home that’s comfortable but with new antiquities to discover both old and new create an adventure within at the hotel within your own adventure. The average room size is a modest 28-32 sqm., and is a limited service hotel, with facilities including a gym, multifunction room and ballroom, All day dining facilities that cater to day customers as well.

ClientHangzhou Lishe Hotel Management CompanyScopeInterior Design, Design Standards, Brand Design Development, Signage & Wayshowing, Amenities & Packaging DesignLocationHangzhou, ChinaYearDesigned in 2018 and opened in 2020

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