Wyndham Garden Lijiang


Is located near the Lijiang high speed railway station, a tourist resort, with a total area of 50000 square meters and more than 400 guest rooms. In 2019, we were commissioned to change the two buildings originally used as residences into a Wyndham Garden Hotel. The difficulty of the project is that the original design of the building is as a residential planning, many conditions could not be met, and the building itself needed a significant amount of transformed.

We skilfully use the space between the two buildings to make a crystal box of about 800 square meters. The box is used as an indoor garden for customers, and can connect the reception hall and banquet hall of the hotel. Technology is perfectly applied in the space, through which customers can experience the ancient and mysterious culture of Lijiang perfectly.

ClientYunnan Tianrun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd ScopeInterior Design, Facade Design, Landscape Design, Lighting & Art Consultancy, Brand Design Development, Signage & Wayshowing, Amenities & Packaging Design, Marketing CollateralLocationLijiang, ChinaYear2019 (Under Construction)

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